Along with the services we offer counties across Tennessee we also offer programs to help equine owners in need.


Helping equine owners during the difficult times in their lives.
Facts: * Tennessee has 95 counties. *Because Tennessee is such a large state, it takes everyone coming together to achieve the large task of protecting our equine friends.
Horse Haven of Tennessee is proud to have the opportunity to oversee the Tennessee Equine Rescue Network (STERN) and the Tennessee Equine Disaster Animal Response Team (TNEDART) in region 2.[READ MORE]
Horse falls in a swimming pool!
Horse rescued from sink hole!
Horse falls down an embankment!

HHT clearly understands the roles that equine hold within today’s society. Some are athletes, while others are used for recreation, and sport.

Even though Horse Havens main focus is on the horses in our home state of Tennessee, but we feel it is our duty to offer the public information on other topics regarding these magnificent creatures.

We’ve tried to pick the most informative information on the topics included.

Horse Haven of Tennessee does everything they can to education the public on issues that effect the welfare of our equine friends. The more information the general public has, the easier it is to try and bring an end to their suffering.