Horse falls in a swimming pool!
Horse rescued from sink hole!
Horse falls down an embankment!


These are just a few of the headlines that have made it into the news. Understanding the need for an emergency rescue team, Horse Haven of Tennessee sent two field agents for training in emergency rescue techniques under the direction of Tomas & Rebecca Gimenez.


Over the past few years HHT has had situations that would have warranted the use of special equipment making the rescue easier and quicker. Our goal is to be fully equipped to handle large animal rescues and be prepared when the need arises.


We have received funding for an emergency rescue glide and are thrilled to have such an important piece of rescue equipment at our disposal. Three rescues in the past years that involved Wonder, Angel and Melissa (read their stories below) would have benefited if we would have had rescue glide at the time of their rescues.


We are working hard to raise money to purchase the equipment listed below. We will keep you updated.


Along with having the right equipment we hope to be able to offer the right training to personnel in our area that handle emergency situations regarding equine rescue. Please continue to watch our site for future training class schedule.



Wonder’s Story:

Once a wild and free mustang, this mare roamed the plains of Nevada with her herd.


She was captured and adopted out by the Bureau of Land Management only to end up with an owner in Tennessee who breed her twice. She lost both of these babies.


Abandoned on a mountain side, blind and alone she stood for 8 months. Behind in his rent and under the cloak of darkness, Wonder’s her owner loaded his other horses and removed them from the property.


Frightened, weak, and scared, HHT volunteers worked for over 2 hours to try and coax her off the mountainside. With evening quickly approaching, she was laid carefully onto a tarp and slowly dragged down the mountainside.


Once off the mountain, she calmly stood up and was loaded into the trailer, never having to spend another night alone.


Safely back at the barn, she spent the night resting on the trailer while she made her own way out when she was ready.


During the five days before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she was loved on and cared for. Her parasite riddled body fought a brave fight, but it was not to be. Our job was done, and as she looked into the eyes of a volunteer that had spent many hours removing the burrs from her mane and tail, she was humanely euthanized.


RIP Wonder. You touched many people during your short time with us. You will not be forgotten.       




Melissa’s Story:

Frightened and scared after her pasture mate was hit by a car when they both escaped from their pasture, Melissa slipped down an embankment by the road.


Sliding down she became lodged on a large tree root sticking out of the bank, Straddling the thick root wouldn’t allow her to move. Scared and afraid she waited for help to arrive.


With the help of emergency responders from the local fire department and some caring people from HHT, she was finally freed. She was transported to the HHT facility where she was checked by a veterinarian and found to be OK.


After her owners were found a few days later, she was reunited after they fixed the fence where a tree had fallen and broken it.

Click HERE for video on Melissa’s rescue




Angels Story:

With no access to water and in 93 degree temperatures she laid; while her pasture companions grazed nearby.


After not being able to convince any of the three local veterinarians to come out and euthanize her on the property, we were able to get her into a trailer after a 2 hour struggle. Angel had to endure the hour’s drive in a trailer before we could release her from her misery.


The owner of the other horses claimed angel wasn’t his horse and someone must have just left it there even though it had been seen there by witnesses for months. Witnesses were to afraid to testify.


Even though the other horses were thin, authorities did nothing else but allow us to remove Angel from the scorching heat and take her and have her humanely euthanized to end her suffering.


It was because of Angel, HHT started the Angel Fund.  

Angels video below may be disturbing and not suited for young viewers.


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